The Scoopie Story!

The purpose of this company is to foster creating positive self-esteem to those who may need it in a fun & quirky way. Scrubbie Scoops is all about smelling good, looking good & being weird.Β My name is Jenaiyah, but most people know me as Nova. I started my company Quirky Girl Kozmetic Factory now known as Scrubbie Scoops when I was sixteen. I started my company because I was bullied throughout school due to the imperfections in my skin & simply being myself. So I vowed that one day I would make sure that no other person would go through that feeling. I want people to feel safe and know that WEIRD IS COOL. I take great pride in how I come up with each of my products. Part of my motivation comes from the reaction I receive from people when they see my product for the first time, the smile on their faces warms my heart and makes me very proud.Β